what's your favorite breakfast cereal?

WELCOME to 2014!
I dare say, it has been (so far) a flawless transition for me, meaning that since the december page gave up the ghost, I have not once written “2013” on a check or official document. Rare display of intellectual vigilance!
I also dare say, I am impressed at the non-existent New Year’s Resolutions I’ve been hearing from all y’all and out in the big bad world. Do New Year’s Resolutions not exist anymore?
Where’s your sense of commitment?
I’m telling you, the world is settling into a self-indulgent lethargy of humanity. Lapsed gym memberships, wagon deserters, cookie and cake consumption rages on!
With all my rabble-rousing enthusiasm, I say:
Keep the vices coming! Diets be damned.
And when you’ve finished your toast… back to the serious spiritual matters at hand:

Thursday, January 9th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – 344 E Mountain Ave, Ft Collins – $10 suggested donation

Thursday, January 16th – Dance! – 7:30 PM – E Mountain – $10 suggested

Thursday, January 23rd – DANCE!!! – ditto…

Thursday, January 30th – DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!! – same bat station

… and then, there are the out-of-the-ordinary offerings…

CHANT  RETREAT with Allaudin Ottinger and Me! – registration is open! – April 25 to 27 – $115 for lodging and meals (w/ a vegetarian potluck dinner) – more info and registration form here:http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

SUFI  YOUTH  JAM with the next generation of Dance Leaders and Sufi folks! – registration is open! – April 29 to May 4 – $250 for lodging and meals – I’m unbelievably excited for this event! – A retreat for and by the young’uns – http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

If you LOVE the idea of the Sufi Youth Jam, whether you are attending or not, I heartfully invite you to donate money to help with registration and travel expenses for participants. You can dog-ear donations to the Sufi Ruhaniat International indicating your donation is specifically for the Sufi Youth Jam. Here’s a website: http://www.ruhaniat.org/index.php/support-sri/financial-support

Note: I’m not sure what’s happening with chant circles yet. Nothing scheduled at the moment… I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned. I haven’t discontinued them… I’m just in a temporary limbo.

Peace out!