Car Wash

Honestly, did the subject line make you think “70’s”?
Rose Royce.
Can someone please explain to me why the foamy, soapy things in the car wash are colored techno-blue, hot pink, etc.?

So… it’s not that there are too many events to list… it’s just that the list starts looking intimidating, so I’ve condensed it down a bit.
Weekly events only get one listing. I hope that works for you. Why didn’t I think of it before?
Here you go:

Friday February 24 to Sunday February 26 – Sufi Meditation Retreat – Last chance if you want to join us… let me know… now!

EVERY MONDAY MORNING – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln, Fort Collins – by donation
(Jodie will facilitate in my absence March 26th and April 2nd)

EVERY THURSDAY EVENING – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Art and Science 346 E Mountain Ave, Ft Collins – $10 suggested donation
(Basira will facilitate in my absence March 22nd and 29th)

Tuesday, February 28th – Women’s Dance – 7 PM – St Barnabas Church (1280 Vine St, Denver) – $8 suggested donation

Sunday, March 4th – Sufi Women’s Gathering – 12 to 3 PM – Jamila’s home in Fort Collins – RSVP for address and to let me know if you’d like to lead something – potluck and 2 hours of Sufi prayer practices

Sunday, March 4th – Chant in Denver – 7 PM – 11080 E 17th Ave, Aurora (Thank you, Deb Inanna for hosting!) – $7 suggested donation

Tuesday, March 6th – Mama Sing – 10 AM – Avogadro’s Number 625 S Mason, Ft Collins – by donation

Saturday, March 10th – Fort Collins Women’s Circle – 6:30 to 9:30 PM – potluck and facilitated circle – RSVP to me – $10 suggested donation

Saturday, March 17th – Zikr in Boulder – 7:30 PM – Studio Be, 2077 30th St – Habib and I lead the evening – $5 suggested donation and dessert potluck

Sunday, March 18th – Chant – 7 PM – 135 Circle Drive, Ft Collins – $7 suggested donation – bring something to sit on.


Tuesday, March 20th – Denver Women’s Circle – Equinox celebration – 6:30 to 9:30 PM – potluck and facilitated circle – $10 suggested donation – RSVP for address

Tuesday, March 27th – Mary Ellen leads the Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – 7 PM – St Barnabas Church, Denver – $8 suggested donation

Tuesday, April 10th – Mama Sing – 10 AM – Avo’s – by donation

In SILVER SPRING MARYLAND – March 24th – Mentoring Workshop for Dance of Universal Peace Leaders – 1 to 5 PM –

In SILVER SPRING MARYLAND – March 24th – Zikr – 7 PM

In OAKTON VIRGINIA – March 25th – 3 to 6 PM – Women’s Spirituality Workshop

In OAKTON VIRGINIA – March 25th – 7 PM – Charge of the Goddess

In WASHINGTON DC AREA – March 27th – Co-ed Dance of Universal Peace evening

In WASHINGTON DC AREA – March 28th – Co-ed Dance of Universal Peace evening

SAVE THE DATE!!! – Thursday, April 5th – Deborah Ogden turns 60!!! – Here’s what she has to say about it:
“I have been contemplating what type of celebration I would like. I realized that what I most want is a Dance of Universal Peace with my friends at Sara’s dance on Thursday, April 5th 7:30 – 9:30, Art and Science Center (346 E Mountain Ave., Fort Collins). Donations to the dance, as always, are appreciated. Please, no gifts, just your presence and your blessings.”

SIGN UP NOW!!! – Chant Retreat – May 4, 5, and 6 – Camp Santa Maria – facilitated by me, Mary Ellen and Sharon – $100 – online registration and more information here:

Let me level with you. If all you Pagans want me to coordinate community celebrations for the Sabbats, you have to let me know. I’ve been dropping them due to your lack of responsiveness…
Beltane is around the corner and if I don’t hear from a good number of you (I define “good” as any multi-digit prime that has a 9 in it), I won’t schedule it.
I’ve been thinking about getting my real estate license and giving up on all this spiritual stuff anyway.
Actually, a job in the car wash sounds alright.
Or I’ll go into the Air Force so I can be a fighter pilot.
Or maybe I’ll start sheep-wrangling or bull-fighting.
Are there bullfights around here?
Hey, how does one go about becoming a Russian astronaut? I hear Russia is now the world leader in space exploration. Not enough vodka on earth, apparently.

To RSVP for women’s circles, to RSVP for Beltane, or to offer a Hollandaise cooking class,
call or e-mail me: (970)227-5275 or

Happy Springing!