a gecko in a yarmulke

Hey Sweethearts,
I want you to know that Mini Coopers are absolutely, far and away, the best, cutest, most fun, adorably awesome cars on the road. Just saying.
I’m going to start selling joy ride tickets… like a roller coaster ride, but better because it doesn’t flip upside down on fast corners.
Here’s the smorgasbord of remaining December circles and all of January… 2012, here we come!!!

Saturday, December 24th – New Moon Christmas Eve Super Chant-a-thon! – 7 PM to 12 AM – 230 N Sunset St, Fort Collins (Kiri and Mark’s lovely home) – bring potluck snacks/desserts/drinks to share… we’ll take a couple breaks – suggested donation $10 to $40

Monday, December 26th – Sufi Meditation Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln, Fort Collins – by donation – in case you’re curious… we’re focusing on “Al-Muqsit” “The Equitable”

Tuesday, December 27th – Women’s Dance  – 7 PM – St Barnabas Church, 1280 Vine, Denver – $7 suggested donation

Thursday, December 29th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Art and Science Studio, 346 E Mountain Ave, Fort Collins – $10 suggested donation

Sunday, January 1st – Women’s Sufi Gathering in Fort Collins – 12 noon to 3 PM – Co-created Sufi practice time, including a potluck social hour and 2 hours of Sufi prayer, meditation and exploration – RSVP to me

Monday, January 2nd – Sufi Meditation Circle – 9:30 AM – Clover Ln – by donation – focusing on “Al-Jami” “The Gatherer”

Tuesday, January 3rd – Mama Sing – 10 AM – Avogadro’s Number, 625 S Mason, Ft Collins – by donation

Thursday, January 5th – Dance – 7:30 PM – Art and Science – $10 suggested

Sunday, January 8th – WOMEN’S CIRCLE – 6:30 to 9:30 PM – FORT COLLINS – full moon potluck/social hour, and 2 hour facilitated time – we just started this new circle and I’m super excited about it – open community of women – great juju! – I will be leading this for the next 5 months then we’ll discuss possibilities for facilitation – RSVP to me – $10 suggested donation

Monday, January 9th – Sufi Meditation Circle – 9:30 AM – Clover Ln – by donation – focusing on “Al-Ghani” “The Independent”

Thursday, January 12th – Dance – 7:30 PM – Art and Science – $10 suggested

Friday, January 13th – Chant – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – $7 suggested

Saturday, January 14 to Monday, January 16 – California Quarterly – I’ll be on staff for this dance camp near Santa Barbara –http://californiaquarterly.org/wq12.shtml

Monday, January 16th – Sufi Meditation Circle – 9:30 AM – Clover Ln – by donation – Yes, the circle will continue in my absence… focusing on “Al-Mughni” “The Enricher”

Thursday, January 19th – Dance – 7:30 PM – Art and Science – $10 suggested

Saturday, January 21st – Zikr – 7:30 PM – Studio Be, 2077 30th St, Boulder – I’ll be leading in Habib’s absence – $5 donation and dessert potluck

NEWLY FORMING – DENVER WOMEN;S CIRCLE – SUNDAY the 22nd – closest to new moon – this will be structured similarly to the Fort Collins version – let’s discuss a good location for interested women – Please let me know if you’re interested in participating and any suggestions you have a for a good location…

Monday, January 23rd – Sufi Meditation Circle – 9:30 AM – Clover Ln – by donation – focusing on “Al-Mani” “The Defender”

Tuesday, January 24th – Women’s Dance – 7 PM – St Barnabas, Denver – $7 suggested donation

Thursday, January 26th – Dance – 7:30 PM – Art and Science – $10 suggested

Sunday, January 29th – Chant – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – $7 suggested

Monday, January 30th – Sufi Meditation Circle – 9:30 AM – Clover Ln – by donation – focusing on “Ad-Darr” “The Afflictor” (This one should be fun!)

Thursday, February 2nd – Imbolc – QUESTION: do y’all want a dance or a ritual? Let me know and I’ll make it happen. Voting day is TODAY – get your ballots in ASAP so I can make necessary arrangements.

SUFI MEDITATION RETREAT – February 24 to 26 – Registration info and Paypal options: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

NEW SPIRITUAL MENTORING CIRCLE STARTING JANUARY 2012 – The new year seems a nice opportunity to get another circle rolling… interested in participating in a Spiritual Mentoring community? Please let me know and we’ll discuss workable timing for y’all.

Hey, how many of you know how to knit socks? I’ve always marveled at that sort of thing… and then I see hand-knitted socks looking all adorable for sale at festivals and stuff and they cost like $30, and I’m all like “really? $30 for a pair of socks? why?”… And then I think… some crazy lady probably spent like a week of full-time dedication and a lifetime of patience on that pair of socks… that’s a really cheap pair of socks… but I never buy them because… really? $30 for a pair of socks? I don’t care how cute they are and how much loving insanity went into them. Oh well… when I’m old and tired and have nothing fun to do with my time, maybe I’ll take up knitting. Either that or sky-diving.

To RSVP for Women’s Sufi gathering, Fort Collins Women’s Circle, Denver Women’s Circle, or a new Spiritual Mentoring Group, send me a facebook message… just kidding… better to e-mail me directly… or call: (970)227-5275… Oh, or, even better, write your note with frosting on top of a REALLY large cookie and deliver it to my house… because I don’t have NEARLY enough cookies and candies and brownies and sweet breads in my house.

Cozy happy holiday blessings all around,

P.S. About the subject line… you know, they do generally have some kind of association with something in my life… even if I don’t bother telling you about it… but this one… Matara (my delightful daughter) just showed me an actual photograph of a real gecko wearing a yarmulke (which I didn’t know how to spell until right now). I thought you might be curious.