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Dearest Sweetie Pie Sugar Lumps,
Anyone ready for summer? Sunshine? Lemonade? Popsicles? Watermelon? Sunburns? Bicycles and hula hoops? Water balloons and frisbees? Mosquitoes and garter snakes? Here we go!

Hey! This one is different. I moved the location…
Friday, May 27th – 7 PM – Chant – 230 N Sunset (Kiri and Mark’s) – $7 suggested donation

Monday, May 30th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – focus on “Al-Muhsi” “The Accounter” – by donation

Tuesday, May 31st – 7 PM – New Moon Ritual – adults only – RSVP for more information – $10 suggested donation

Friday, June 3rd to Sunday, June 5th – Heartbeat Festival – Sunrise Ranch – drumming, chanting, dancing, fire circles, ritual – Saturday evening Kalliope and DJO performances… – More information:

Monday, June 6th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – focus on “Al-Mubdi” “The Originator” – by donation

Tuesday, June 7th – 10 AM – Mama Sing – Avogadro’s Number – 605 S Mason, Ft Collins – by donation

Thursday, June 9th to Sunday, June 12th – Meadowfest – Jack’s Gulch – camping, potluck dinners, ritual, chanting, drumming… – more info and registration:

Monday, June 13th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – focus on “Al-Mu’id” “The Restorer” – by donation

Tuesday, June 14th – 7 PM – Dance of Universal Peace – Sunrise Ranch (100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland) – $5 suggested donation

Wednesday, June 15th – 7:30 PM – Full Moon Dance – Clayton Learning Center, Denver – Timothy and I are co-creating a full moon celebration dancing outdoors for this evening – $10

Friday, June 17th – 7 PM – Chant – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – $7 suggested donation

Sunday, June 19th – Litha, Summer Solstice celebration – Fort Collins (Treehenge) – 4 PM – This will be the trial run of the Dragonfest ritual, focused on the dynamic dualities of Inanna and Damuzi. Family-friendly. Potluck after ritual.

Monday, June 20th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – focus on “Al-Muhyi” “Giver of Life” – by donation

Monday, June 27th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – focus on “Al-Mumit” “Destroyer” – by donation

Tuesday, June 28th – 7 PM – Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – St Barnabas Church (13th and Vine, Denver) – $7 suggested donation

Oh… looking ahead to fall… The Women’s Retreat at Camp Santa Maria is on the books again! Woo-hoo! Hurray! Hurrah! Please mark your calendars, ladies, September 9 to 12. You can get the flyer and registration form on-line, and you can even pay the registration fee through paypal, if that strikes your fancy.

And… I’m thinking about offering a monthly mini-Sufi-retreat… for an afternoon/evening. What do you think? Want it?

In case you are concerned about the approaching warm weather, I just want to assure you that several things that you are accustomed to having hot, are also quite nice cold. For example: coffee, tea, chocolate, pizza, cookies, apple pie, spiced rum, oatmeal (maybe not the oatmeal), and revenge.
Plus, everyone’s just a little happier and a little nicer when they can start wearing less clothes. Just saying.
Let me know if you want to join us for new moon, and your thoughts about an on-going Sufi thing-a-ma-whatsit.
Love and joy and happiness and bright sunshine with decreasing chance of showers and absolutely no flooding.