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Dear Ones, Twos, Threes and Fours,
Please read slowly and carefully so as to catch all the details in the mailer this month. Some scheduling changes are afoot and there are treacherous potholes we’re likely to step in and trip over. So here are the last two straggling events for August and the onslaught (what an awful word!) for September!

Tuesday, August 26th – Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – St. Barnabas Church (southeast corner 13th and Vine, Denver) – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Wednesday, August 27th – Dance of Universal Peace – First Christ United Methodist Church Congregation Holy Trinity Community Chapel of the Blessed Virgin (southeast corner 7th and Colorado) – 7:15 PM – Timothy will be in Germany so I’m leading the evening again – $8 or punch card at the door

Monday, September 1st – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Lane, Fort Collins – 9:30 AM – focus on “Fattah” the Opener – by donation

Tuesday, September 2nd – Mama Sing – Greyrock Commons (2265 Shooting Star Lane, Fort Collins) – 10 AM – Women and children always and only!

Tuesday, September 2nd – Dance of Universal Peace – Greyrock Commons – 7:15 PM – suggested donation $7

Friday, September 5th – Chant – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – 7 PM – suggested donation $7

Sunday, September 7th – Dance of Universal Peace – Studio Soma (2540 W 29th, in Denver) – 7:15 PM – Stuart and I have traded dates for September. He’ll be leading the evening on the 21st – suggested donation $8 – $12

Monday, September 8th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Lane – 9:30 AM – focus on “Alim” the All Knowing – by donation

Tuesday, September 9th – NO DANCE AT SUNRISE RANCH – they have a full house – come back to dance in October!

Friday, September 12th – Chant – Greyrock Commons – 7 PM – suggested donation $7

Saturday, September 13th – Peace in the Park – Civic Center Park in Loveland – Noon to 5 PM – booths, music, Dances of Universal Peace, peace, peace and more peace! – I’m not sure what time we’ll be dancing. Check in with me later if you’re curious.

Monday, September 15th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Lane – 9:30 AM – focus on “Qabid” the Closer/Restrainer – by donation

Monday, September 15th – Full Moon Ritual – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – 7 PM – grown-ups (or close enough) only please – RSVP – light potluck after ritual – suggested donation $10

Tuesday, September 16th – Dance of Universal Peace – Greyrock Commons – 7:15 PM – suggested donation $7

Saturday, September 20th – Boulder Community Zikr – I’m co-leading with Habib – 7:30 PM – $5 suggested donation – dessert potluck after zikr – Studio Be on 30th St. in Boulder
Sunday, September 21st – Dance of Universal Peace – St. Bartholomew’s Church in Estes Park – 4 to 6 PM – suggested donation $7

Monday, September 22nd – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Lane – 9:30 AM – focus on “Basit” the Expander – by donation

Monday, September 22nd – Mabon, Autumn Equinox Ritual – Treehenge – 5:30 PM – Family-friendly – RSVP – bring potluck food/drink to share, drums, your own dishes and service – suggested donation $10/adult

Tuesday, September 23rd – Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – St. Barnabas (13th and Vine in Denver) – 7 PM – includes celebrating Sharon’s birthday. Bring a snack/dessert to share and a flower or candle – suggested donation $7

Saturday, September 27th – Boulder Dance of Universal Peace – 20th Anniversary Jubilee – 6 PM to 11 PM – Glenn Miller Ballroom CU campus – More details when we do the numbers this afternoon on Market Place – Call Bill Burlage for tickets or get them at the door $20 each (303)444-4312

Monday, September 29th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Lane – 9:30 AM – focus on “Khafid” the Abaser – by donation

Tuesday, September 30th – Zikr – Greyrock Commons – 7:15 PM – Rumi’s 801st birthday – suggested donation $7

And two announcements for your amusement, information, or to help you procrastinate a little longer from some important chores like mowing the lawn, brushing your teeth or playing online backgammon:

1. The Singin’ Sisters Women’s Chorus is open for new singers. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know. No auditions required; if you want to sing, you can! We meet for practices every Thursday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 near Old Town Fort Collins. We’ll keep the group open for the next couple of weeks and then shut it down again to prepare for a performance.

2. WARNING, WARNING: If attendance at the Fort Collins Tuesday evening dance stays low, I will be discontinuing it after September. Same goes for Studio Soma. If you enjoy the dances and want to keep them an option, please do not tell me, show me! (I feel like Eliza Doolittle).

3. I just thought I’d sneak this one in here too… I have another CD for y’all “Chant Disc Volume II.” It’s similar in rough recording style to the first one. There are 35 tracks on it and I’m handing it out on a donation basis. Eventually I’ll get the mp3’s up on the website so you can just download them, but for now, you can take a disc.

4. No more announcements, just the usual wrap-it-up spiel. Call or e-mail me for more information, directions, to RSVP for rituals, or to report UFO sightings near Greeley. Not cows, UFOs. (970)227-5275 or
Watch out for falling leaves!

Hey, I heard a report on NPR about how cows align themselves facing magnetic North or South when grazing and resting. Cool, huh? They’re gonna put magnets on their heads next to see if it messes them up! Why do we (humans) always have to mess with stuff?

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