Dear Mosquito Bitten Refugees,
Welcome to Summer! Let’s circle outside as much as possible so we can experiment with all possible insect repellent products and finally determine that the manufacturers are actually in cahoots with the mosquito population, deliberately and maliciously determined to take all our money while still selling our blood to the mosquito nation!
Let’s start with:

Monday, June 30th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln, Fort Collins – 9:30 AM – by donation – focus on “Al Jabbar” “The Irresistible”

Tuesday, July 1st – Mama Sing – Greyrock Commons (2265 Shooting Star Ln, Fort Collins) – 10 AM

Tuesday, July 1st – Dance of Universal Peace – Greyrock Commons – 7:15 PM – $7 suggested donation

Monday, July 7th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – 9:30 AM – by donation – focus on “Al Mutakabbir” “The Majestic”

Tuesday, July 8th – Dance of Universal Peace – Sunrise Ranch (5569 NCR 29, Loveland) – 7 PM – $5 suggested donation

Friday, July 11th – Chant – 5000 Boardwalk #13, Fort Collins – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Monday, July 14th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – 9:30 AM – by donation – focus on “Al Khaliq” “The Creator”

Tuesday, July 15th – Dance of Universal Peace – Greyrock Commons – 7:15 PM – $7 suggested donation

Thursday, July 17th – Full Moon Ritual – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – 7 PM – Adults – RSVP (really, do RSVP; we might move it to Treehenge and I’ll only inform those of you who tell me you’re coming!) – $10 suggested donation – bring light potluck food/drink for after ritual.

Saturday, July 19th – Boulder Community Zikr – Studio Be (2077 30th St, Boulder) – I will be leading the evening of prayer since Dahnya and Habib will be out of town – 7:30 PM – $5 suggested donation plus dessert for yummy potluck after zikr!

Sunday, July 20th – Dance of Universal Peace and Potluck! – Studio Soma (2540 W 29th Ave, Denver) – 6:30 Potluck – 7:30 PM Dance – $8 to $12 suggested donation

Monday, July 21st – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – 9:30 AM – by donation – focus on “Al Bari” “The Evolver”

Tuesday, July 22nd – Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – St Barnabas (1280 Vine St, Denver) – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Friday, July 25th – Chant – Greyrock Commons – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Monday, July 28th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – 9:30 AM – by donation – focus on “Al Musawwir” “The Bestower of Forms”

Tuesday, July 29th – Zikr – Greyrock Commons – 7:15 PM – RSVP – $7 suggested donation

Wednesday, July 30th – I may be leading the Denver Dance – Christ Church United Methodist (690 Colorado Blvd, Denver) – 7:15 PM – $8 at the door or punchcards

Saturday, August 2nd – Lughnasadh Fest! – Many Pagan circles are gathering to celebrate Lughanasadh for an entire day! Various rituals, and other activities will take place throughout the afternoon. I will facilitate a ritual (with anyone who wants to help!) at 7 PM – Presumably at Treehenge, but not yet confirmed. Stay tuned!

THANK YOU!!! To Tanja, Richard, David and Lisa for all the time, energy and dedication in organizing and supporting another great Meadowfest!
THANK YOU!!! To Carla and David at Red Feather Ranch for hosting our community gathering again!
THANK YOU!!! To everyone who came out and camped out for Meadowfest last weekend! It was  great to share so much circle time with everyone. If you left anything up there (gloves, water bottles, small children, tent stakes, car keys, etc.) let me know. I probably have it and will be happy to give it back for a fee. Also, I would love for all you lovely participants to send me a quick note letting me know how the weekend was for you. What did you like? Not like? Any suggestions? When shall we do it again? Anything else you’d like to share…

For directions, more information, or to RSVP for any of these listed events, please call or e-mail me: (970)227-5275, rain@trigoddess.org.

If your hair is making your neck hot and sweaty in this summer heat, I highly recommend shaving your head. Convenient, easy and oh, so attractive! Drink lots of water and don’t you believe those Chinese doctors who say ice is bad for you! It’s not. Anything that feels that good can’t be bad. Just ask God.
Summer light loving blessings all around!

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