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Welcome to the November mailer! It looks like another very full month of music, dance and ritual. Please take note of some special events and changes in this calendar.

Tuesday, October 30th – Zikr – River Rock Commons (520 N Sherwood) – 7:15 PM – singing the beautiful names of God in Arabic (mostly). A devotional evening of music, movement and prayer. – Suggested donation $7

Wednesday, October 31st – Samhain ritual – 10:30 PM – adults only – RSVP for more info

Tuesday, November 6th – Mama Sing – Greyrock Commons (2265 Shooting Star Ln) – 10 AM – women and children sharing a morning of chant

Tuesday, November 6th – Dance of Universal Peace – River Rock Commons (520 N Sherwood) – 7:15 PM – Suggested donation $7

Friday, November 9th – New Moon Chant – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – 7 PM – all welcome! an evening of singing and celebrating the dark moon, the lunar Samhain, through song. – suggested donation $7

Tuesday, November 13th – Dance of Universal Peace – Sunrise Ranch (5569 NCR 29, Loveland) – 7 PM – Led by Markus and Christine – suggested donation $5

Sunday, November 18th – Dance of Universal Peace – Studio Soma (2540 W 29th in Denver) – 7 PM – suggested donation between $8 and $12

Tuesday, November 20th – Dance of Universal Peace – River Rock Commons (520 N Sherwood) – 7 PM – suggested donation $7

Saturday, November 24th – Full Moon Chant – Greyrock Commons (2265 Shooting Star Ln) – 7 PM – this is an experimental chant on the north end of Fort Collins. If there is enough interest, I may start holding an evening of singing on the north end more frequently. Let me know if this appeals to you. – suggested donation $7

Tuesday, November 27th – Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – St Barnabas in Denver (southeast corner 13th and Vine) – 7 PM – a little warning: there will be no women’s dance in December due to the holidays. Please do join us this month in this beautiful circle of women singing, dancing and weaving magic together. – suggested donation $6

Friday, November 30th – Chant – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – 7 PM – suggested donation $7

And, a couple friendly reminders from your sponsor: Please do not talk on cell phones in restaurants, in conversation with other human beings (robots don’t seem to mind), or in public places in which other people can easily overhear you. Most of our mothers couldn’t teach us these manners because they didn’t have cell phones, but if they (the mothers) could see us today, they’d have us standing in corners in every public establishment in the western world.

Consuming carrots is excellent for your vision. Consuming doughnuts is not. Distributing chocolate will earn you friends. Distributing toads will not.

Feel free to contact me for more information about public etiquette, nutrition and spirituality: rain@trigoddess.org (970)224-4797.

A blessed Samhain to you!


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