In the interest of keeping you all apprised, I thought I should let you know the change, the addition, and the cancellation for December.



I apologize for the change, but I have a conflict so I need to reschedule the chant.

There will be NO chant the evening of the 15th.

There WILL be a chant the evening of the 16th (Saturday, yes, it’s a Saturday), still at 7 PM, still on Boardwalk, still by donation



I do NOT apologize for another round of Free Hugs coming up Saturday, December 23rd from 1 to 3 PM in Old Town Square Fort Collins. Be there or be somewhere else. The Free Hugs campaign has been great fun! Thank you to all of you (maybe 20 or so) who have made it to one or both of our previous rounds. Let’s do it again!



I, once again, apologize for the disappointment this decision may deliver. There will be no women’s Dance of Universal Peace in Denver on December 26th. We are hoping to resume the dance in January.


The rest of “snee is for sneedle” is still correct. Sorry to confuse or confound or conflict or concern or con-….



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