Sorry for yet another e-mail. Here’s some more info about a couple things.

For details about all other November gatherings, please see the “Slalom” e-mail.


Spiritual Mentoring in Denver – Saturday November 4th – 2 to 4 PM – 3324 Vallejo St – If you are interested in Spiritual Mentoring and would like to learn more, please come. I’ll explain what Spiritual Mentoring is, how it works in group and one-on-one contexts. If sufficient interest exists we can talk about setting up a Spiritual Mentoring Group in Denver – Please let me know if you’re planning to be there – if you are interested in learning more about Spiritual Mentoring but cannot be there for this meeting, let’s plan another time to talk.


One: The Movie – is showing in Fort Collins at the Lincoln Center – Saturday, November 4th – 7 PM – It looks (to me) like a wonderful exploration of spirit and humanity – I’m planning to be there – Contact: David Willis, 970-412-8112,



About those hugs – I’ve been warned that Old Town Fort Collins might be VERY quiet on a Sunday afternoon. I figure we can make signs and then wander around wherever we want. And if it’s too quiet to feel like a worthwhile hugging venture, we’ll just have to schedule another hugfest for a Saturday afternoon! See you Sunday!


If you need anything at all (a teacup, a map, a candle, a feisty cat, a paint bucket, nail polish remover, a match, a flower petal, etc.) please feel free to e-mail or call me: or (970)224-4797.


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