Snapdragon / Antirrhinum majus

What do you get when you cross a witch and a clown?


A brew-ha-ha!!!


Way back when I was a dirt-head teen-angster, I had a cassette tape of a band that sang “Happy, happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…” do any of you remember the band or the song?

No matter, I’ve moved on to chants and spiritual ballads.

Won’t you join me in a few rounds of Kumbaya or some other strange event this month?


Tuesday, October 3rd – Mama Sing – 10 AM – Greyrock Commons (off Liberty Drive near Vine and Taft) – women and children welcome!


Tuesday, October 3rd – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:15 PM – River Rock Commons (520 N Sherwood) – suggested donation $7


Friday, October 6th – Full moon ritual – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – real adults only please (no be-costumed children allowed) – by donation – RSVP to me 


Tuesday, October 10th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7 PM – Sunrise Ranch (5569 NCR 29, Loveland) – suggested donation $5


Friday, October 13th – Chant – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – adults and well-behaved children welcome – by donation


Saturday, October 21st – New moon ritual – open to anyone who meets the pre-requisites. Please contact me for more information. Must have attended at least 4 full moon circles with me to participate.


Tuesday, October 24th – Dance of Universal Peace for Women – 7 PM – St. Barnabas Church (southeast corner of 13th and Vine in Denver) – real women only please (no be-costumed men allowed) – suggested donation $6


Friday, October 27th – Chant – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – by donation


Tuesday, October 31st – Samhain ritual – 9:30 PM – adults only – please contact me for more information – this is an open ritual but there are some specific guidelines and preparations for participants. There will be a maximum number of participants as space is limited. This is a formal ritual and the rite goes through midnight. I need committed RSVPs no later than October 25th. 



As an introduction or reminder (in case you need either):

I’d like to extend an Open Circle welcome to all of you who may be just finding this mailer, the website and/or the circles. I know open circles are hard to come by and there’s often a strange discomfort in entering a new group (perhaps especially a Pagan group!). If you are in the “new crowd,” please know that I make every effort to accommodate the diverse needs of the circle and everyone is always welcome. You need not worry about disrupting an established rhythm. It is an ever-open, dynamic, changing and flowing circle and your presence is a blessing!

If you are in the “know crowd,” thank you for your on-going participation and co-creation of the circle! A circle is only as warm as the participants make it and all of you are a tremendous blessing to each other! Thank you for maintaining the ongoing circle, for building community and for continuing to welcome the ever-changing needs of the circle!



For endless information about (and to RSVP for) any of the aforementioned fêtes, please call or e-mail me at (970)224-4797 or

For endless amusement, have children.

For endless peace, don’t.

Many blessings for a deep and beautiful Samhain!


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