By golly, this month is looking so full! But the first few items are still August, which makes September seem a little less terrifying.

And the last three inches of text are my usual foolishness.

At any rate, I look forward to sharing many delicious circles with you this month starting with:


Events with Leilah between August 23rd and August 27th:

Leilah Be, Sufi teacher and DUP leader, will be attending and contributing to the regular dance programs with Timothy Dobson this Wednesday evening in Denver (Temple Events Center, 7:15 PM, $8 at the door) and this Friday evening in Boulder (I think it’s the Mennonite Church(?) one block east of Broadway and Lehigh, same time and price).

She is offering a full day workshop 9 AM to 4 PM in Boulder on Saturday ($75, contact Gwin Samia to register 303-847-1844, or aloharng@aol.com) as well as presenting at Spirit Keepers Sunday morning (Senior Center at 9th and Arapahoe in Boulder, 10 AM)

Her Zikr will be at the Starhouse Sunday evening (just west of Boulder up Sunshine Canyon, $10).

I just can’t sing Leilah’s praises sweetly or loudly or enthusiastically enough. Please come spend some time with her at any/all of these events. 


Chant – this Friday August 25th – 7 PM – 449 Clover Lane (if you’re not going to see Leilah in Boulder, come sing!) – by donation


Dance of Universal Peace – Sunday August 27th – 4-6 PM – St. Bartholomew’s (880 MacGregor Ave., in Estes Park) – with Mary Ellen Garrett and myself – $5-10 – for more info contact Mary Ellen mellenmail@yahoo.com or (970)586-2552


Zikr – Tuesday August 29th – 7:15 PM – River Rock (520 N Sherwood, in Fort Collins) – Sufi prayer circle, lots of movement, chanting, mostly Arabic, totally heartful – $7 suggested donation


Mama Sing – Tuesday September 5th – 10 AM – Greyrock Cohousing Common House (just north of Liberty Drive, Fort Collins) – for women and children


Dance of Universal Peace – Tuesday September 5th – 7:15 PM – River Rock (520 N Sherwood, in Fort Collins) – $7 suggested donation


Full Moon Ritual – Thursday September 7th – 7 PM – 449 Clover Lane – must meet some generally socially determined standards of maturity to participate (adults only please) – RSVP – by donation


Singing Moon Campout – Friday to Sunday, September 8-10 – Drumming, dancing, camping… in Red Feather… $15 per night… potluck dinners, fend for yourself all other times – for more info please click this link to view the flier http://www.earthtribe.org/singingmoonfest06.html


QUESTION::::::::::: for those of you who may NOT be going to the Singing Moon Campout, or who may be going up Saturday, do you want a chant in Fort Collins Friday night (the 8th)? If you want it, let me know soon, soon, soon, so I can schedule it. If you aren’t going to be here and/or don’t want it, let me know so I can NOT schedule it. Thanks!


Dance of Universal Peace – Tuesday September 12th – 7 PM – Sunrise Ranch (5569 NCR 29, Loveland) – $5 suggested donation


New Moon Ritual – Thursday September 21st – 7 PM – Deeper Circle pre-requisites must be met for attendance – please contact moi for more information


Mabon (Autumn Equinox) Ritual – Friday September 22nd – 5:30 PM ritual and potluck to follow – Treehenge (just east of Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins) – Family friendly celebration of the balanced day and night, the Pagan Thanksgiving – RSVP – by donation


Dance of Universal Peace for Women – Tuesday September 26th – St. Barnabas Church (southeast corner of 13th and Vine, Denver) – if you happen to be a woman, reading this, please consider joining us for some delicious girl time, singing, dancing and praying together in a beautiful space and a lovely community – $6 suggested donation


Chant – Friday September 29th – 7 PM – 449 Clover Lane – is it safe to assume that everyone knows what a chant is by now? If not, please let me know and I’ll start up my obnoxious descriptions again – by donation  


If you’re interested in helping with the Mabon celebration, please contact me ASAP.

If you’re interested in helping with origami, balloon animal formations and/or paper airplanes, please contact someone else.

If you need directions, more information and/or to RSVP for any of the above hootenannies, please contact me ASAP.

If you need a new cellular phone, help with your cable TV or some new shingles for your roof, please contact someone else.

If you want to contact me, please call (970)224-4797 or e-mail rain@trigoddess.org.

If you want to contact someone else, try switching the first “9” and the last “7” or trade out the “rain” with the “org.”

Let me know how that works for you by abandoning the latter and resorting to the former phone number and e-mail address.

Y’all are so weird!

Many rainy Autumnal blessings to you and your kin,


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