Hi All!

I’m here to disrupt your summer with some new information and clarifications about Spiritual Mentoring and Deepening Circle. If you have no interest in either of these things, good-bye!

Spiritual Mentoring –

If you are interested in learning more about Spiritual Mentoring (either in a group or in a one-on-one context), please come to a meeting with me and Kiri to discuss this practice. After an introductory conversation, those who are interested in a group can set up details for getting it started.

Side note: I have heard some interest from folks in the Denver area. If y’all are serious, we can plan a meeting and consider starting a group in Denver. Please let me know what you want.

Another side note: if the below listed time for a meeting doesn’t work for you but you do want to learn more about Spiritual Mentoring, we can plan an alternate meeting time for the following Monday. Let me know what you need.

Thursday, July 27th

7 PM

230 N Sunset in Fort Collins

Deepening Circle –

In the last e-mail, I introduced my intention to start a new moon ritual circle. I have heard from many of you who are interested and I would like to hold the first new moon circle this Monday July 24th.

If you have already submitted your RSVP, please do so again (I lost them, and I’ll send the details about time and place when you contact me!).

As clarification, here’s how I’m structuring this:

If you’re interested in a Deepening Circle, please call or e-mail me to let me know.

I will forward you a digital copy of my written description, requirements and intentions.

If you’re still interested and can agree with that document, you are welcome to RSVP for ritual.

It will be a continuously open circle meaning that even if you don’t attend the first ritual, you are welcome to look into it and jump on board later. Each ritual will be open to 10 people only (first come and all that).

As a heads up: there is a pre-requisite of attendance at four full moon circles.

Side note (I love side notes, don’t you?): if you contacted me for information and I dropped the ball, please remind me so I can follow through. My organizational skills have been seriously lacking of late!

Thank you all for putting up with my scatter-brained-ness! The rest of the month’s activities are still good to go (Women’s DUP in Denver on the 25th, Chant on the 28th, River Rock DUP on the 1st and Lammas on the 2nd). Several of you have offered to help with Lammas and I will be in touch with you very soon about that.




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