pop quiz

A possibility…

Are y’all interested in sharing an evening of zikr with me?

Do y’all know what zikr is?

Just in case…

Zikr is a form of Sufi prayer. It literally means “remembrance.”

What is Sufi?

It’s a mystical spiritual path that talks a lot about Allah.

I dig it.

I’m considering holding an evening of zikr on the night of May 30th (the 5th Tuesday of this month). My decision about it is presently hinging on the responses I receive to this here e-mailed query.

Please reply to this e-mail saying:

a)      YES!!! I would LOVE to attend a zikr on the 30th!!!

b)      Gee, I don’t know, can I just show up if I feel like it that night?

c)      I thought my spam blocker was supposed to filter out e-mails with the word “Allah.”

If I get enough “a” responses, I’ll send out a definitive invitation with all the details you’ll need for an evening of zikr. Please be prompt.

If I get enough “b” responses, I’ll do nothing.

If I get enough “c” responses, I’ll drop this hare-brained eye-deer and take up residence in a hermitage (after shaving my head and taking vows of silence… don’t laugh!).

Salaam (peace),


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