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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to the calendar… Happy birthday to you!

It’s a new year (according to some people) and I have lots of little things that people left behind at the Yule celebration. So, if you’re missing your children or small pets, please get in touch with me. I’m taking care of them to a minimal extent and will be happy to give them back to you for a nominal fee.

This month you can look forward to:

Tuesday, January 3rd – Dance of Universal Peace – at River Rock co-housing community’s common house (520 N Sherwood) – 7:15 PM – Singing and dancing our prayers to God through many world traditions – $7 suggested donation

Friday, January 6th – Imbolc planning meeting – 449 Clover Lane – 5 PM – this is another large Sabbat ritual celebrating the journey of the Sun, the beginning of Spring, clearing out the old, setting intentions for the new. I would love your help planning the ritual and gathering supplies. Please bring food to share for this meeting and we’ll spend a couple hours eating and conspiring, followed by…

Friday, January 6th – Chant – 449 Clover Lane – 7 PM – just singing and singing and singing and singing and singing and singing – by donation

Tuesday, January 10th – Dance of Universal Peace – at Sunrise Ranch (5569 NCR 29, Loveland) – 7 PM – including birthday celebration for, and co-created with, Kiri – please contact me to find out which room we’ll be in on the Ranch – $5 suggested donation

Saturday, January 14th – Full Moon ritual – 449 Clover Lane – 7 PM – y’all know the spiel about no kids by now, right? We love ‘em but they aren’t allowed so don’t bring ‘em, please and thank you – RSVP – by donation

Friday, January 20th – Chant – 449 Clover Lane – 7 PM – and singing and singing and singing and singing and singing and singing – by donation

Tuesday, January 24th – Women’s Dance of Universal Peace in Denver – St. Barnabas Church (southeast corner of 13th and Vine) – 7 PM – this circle has been a gorgeous circle of prayer, music and movement. If you live in Denver or know women in Denver who would be interested in this sort of gathering, please feel free to forward this info – $6 suggested donation

Thursday, February 2nd – Imbolc ritual – where? I don’t know yet. But RSVP and I’ll let you know when I figure it out – 5:30 PM – Family friendly potluck and ritual – by donation

A note about River Rock: when we hold gatherings there, the play room is totally off limits. The lovely homeowners of the community have very graciously and generously offered their common house for our ritual and dance use and we need to be respectful of the space and their rules. Thank you.

Another year of community, celebration, prayer and blessings… Here we come!!

Thank you all for your beautiful participation, contributions, intentions, wisdom, and presence in the last year of ritual and music circles!

It is an amazing privilege and honor to serve this community and share sacred space with all of you.

May the Goddess shine her benevolent, peaceful light on our next cycle around the sun!

For more information about these here listed hooplas, give me a jingle (no bells, please) (970)224-4797 or shoot me a cyber-note

For more information about skin pigmentation of polar bears, color of yak’s milk, actual swimming speed of sea turtles, gestational duration of mermaids and/or thickness of elephant skin, please contact an emergency legal advice hotline.

Lots of luscious, lovely blessings for your new year!