Allaudin pirate zikr


Yasmin and Allaudin Ozark zikr


Jude Baba Nam


Jude Baba Nam Chant


Sharon Anne Peace like a river (one more verse)


Inanna Peace like a river


Sharon Anne it’s me it’s me it’s me oh lord


Diane Let there be beauty and peace chant


Sára alleluia round


Allaudin Karmapa story


Allaudin meditation


Allaudin Chenrezig dance


Erin Lullaby


Erin This Heart


Buddy’s Song


Lela Nataraja chant


Lela Nataraja intro


Amir traditional Krishna song


John spoken “you is”


Lisa call and response chant


Dezarae violin


Taliesin sing along


Allaudin Nur Allah


Allaudin Kyrie Eleison


Sára “whose face”


Waduda Ashem vohu dance


Allaudin May All Beings dance


Allaudin May All Beings movements


Allaudin May All Beings intro


Rahima Om Namah Shivaya dance


Allaudin Mother Krishnabai


Allaudin Bismillah Ya Fattah


Lela Element Chant


Dezarae Chips


Alan The River is Flowing


Jan Shona Morning Song


Amir Aladeye Combined chants


Amir Aladeye Moro


Latifa Happiness Runs


Waduda Almighty Peace


Gayan When I Need You


Allaudin Wise Old Owl


Lisa Love Serve Remember


Soma Ay Ay Ay Ay


Rahima This Moment Brings Us the Love of the Goddess


Inch by Inch


Mary Ellen Thou Holy Asha Dance


Gayan Take, oh take me as I am dance


Gayan Take, oh take me as I am melody


Allaudin Zoroastrian Elements


Allaudin Names of Guidance Dance


Allaudin Names of Guidance intro


Allaudin Zikr phrase attunement


Allaudin Bismillah el il allahu


Allaudin Shalom


Allaudin help us on our way lord


Allaudin talking drum talk


Amir on Orishas


Amir Ochun chant


Amir Ochun


Two Niles Drumming Zikr



Allaudin Abwoon

      Allaudin Abwoon

Allaudin Allah Hayy


Allaudin Allah Chant

Allaudin Allahu el Allahu

Allaudin Aum toning

Allaudin Benji

Allaudin Bismillah Zikr

Allaudin Bismillah

Allaudin Bowl of Saki

Allaudin Chant Zikr Intro

Allaudin Drink with the Beloved

Allaudin eat the bear

Allaudin Freely Give

Allaudin Heartland Ram Nam

Allaudin Ishq Allah

Allaudin Jewish

Allaudin Joe Miller Prem is the Cream

Allaudin Joy is the Natural State

Allaudin Let your Light so Shine

Allaudin men women allah allah

Allaudin Mother Krishnabai

Allaudin Niggum

Allaudin Niggun

Allaudin Peace be with you

Allaudin pirate zikr pre-youth

Allaudin Ram das Sri Ram reading

Allaudin Ruh Alaha

Allaudin Ruh Allah

Allaudin SHaddai

Allaudin Simple Zikr

Allaudin Syncopated Bismillah

Allaudin Wheels

Allaudin Who is in my Temple

Allaudin Who is in my Temple song

Allaudin Ya Az’m

Allaudin Ya Basir

Allaudin Ya Jamil

Allaudin Ya Quddus

Alvaro Tobacco chant

Andi More Love

Jorge Ayun mapu

Caleb Campfire

Dear Friends

DebInanna Wee Baby Moon

Dezarae Aussie

Dezarae Good Morning

Dezarae Wah Taho

Gayan Manifesting Chant

Harmony and Kieley Chant

Harmony and Kieley Poem

Harmony and Kieley Sing along

Harmony and Kieley

Harmony Bedtime prayer

Inanna Secret One Inside

Jen Return

John Alleluia

Jorge Alaha Ruhau

Jorge Fatiha dance

Jorge Guarani chant

Jorge Lakota sundance

Jorge Urku Nina

Judy Be Ye Songs

Jyoti Be in the World

Kathryn Let the World Spin

Kathryn Spider Woman

Kerensa Lollypop

Kieley and Harmony sing along

Lela Chant

Lela Gam Ganapataye

Lela Seed Syllables

Lisa Love Serve Remember

Markus Shakti Om

Mashol Ayi didi

Mashol Chachi chant vuela corazon

Mashol Vuela Corazon whole song

Michael Loka Somasta

Amir Obatala

Polly Mares Eat Oats

Rita God Danced

River of Birds

Sandy Have a Little Faith

Sára Be Like a Bird

Sára Helele mama

Sára Mali Bongwe

Sára This Moment Brings Us

Stephanie Warm Fuzzies

Stephanie We Are One World

Susan Heyn Al-Kapayim

Susan I am that I am

Taliesin Universal Worship Medley

Tina Viking Chant

Tina’s Story

Vine and Fig Tree

We Know We Are One


      my blood is of the river
      nagore zikr
      now I walk in beauty
      oh we know we are one
      mbira chant one
      meditation on breath
      mother i can feel you
      leaping and dancing
      let me give thanks - drum
      light and darkness more..
      mantra of four - drum
      Marcy come into my heart
      Liv earth and ocean (1)
      Mary Ellen - give thanks to the mother gaia
      may the road
      mbira chant mutsa
      may all beings
      Jude yo soy amor
      Karima - blessing
      Karima - Rumi medley
      Kathryn I open my eyes to you
      John - spirit song
      jaya durge

      every wave - drum

      eh malama
      echad b'echad - drum
      DebInanna wee baby moon
      DebInanna - silver rain
      Cristy - a boy and a girl
      come into the circle
      earth my body
      earth drum - ancient mother - evening breeze
      earth drum - ancient mother - evening breeze complete
      duncan alleluia
      Dezarae - good morning new day
      Caleb - jokes
      brincan y bailan
      breathe with me
      Bonnie sing we sing of a blessing
      beltane brand
      bedtime shema
      be still and know
      aramaic beatitude
      Andrew - thank you for this food
      chico lei lei
      Chelsea spirit of the wind
      Chelsea - blessing
      Caleb muppet song
      Andrew - pure
      Andrea - way beyond the blue
      all my relations
      Andi - this little light of mine
      anat amenta - drum
      ana el na dance
      gayatri mantra
      go down into de market
      gloria gloria
      Gayan ego out
      good where we've been
      hidayat bismillah
      i am free
      i am not separate
      I am one with the heart
      i hear the voice - drum
      I know this rose will open
      inana lachma
      inayat khan zikr
      italian curfew
      jai ram krishnari



      Mary Ellen Hymn for the Russian Earth
      Saraswati Good Morning New Day
      Saraswati Abwoon to the Four Directions
      Saraswati (partial) Enter and Center
      Saraswati Listen to the Lord and Lady
      Saraswati Mother of God
      Saraswati Shema Yisrael

body percussion video

Sharon Water Spout (two parts)

Sharon Water Spout (teaching)

Sharon Tree Grow Tall

Sharon Together

Sharon Recorder Song

sharon open your heart

Sharon More Love

Sharon Mermaid Song

Sharon I’m gonna Sing

sharon go down to the market

sharon go down (for real)

sharon glory train

sharon come, come

Sharon Build Your House

Sharon Begin Beginning

Sandy Jaga Tatra

Sandy Free Bird

Regina Spanish Ode to Joy

regina calma y tranquilidad

Regina Birthday song

Rachel Moon Song

Rachel Birthday song

Mary Ellen Thank you Mother Earth

Mary Ellen Psalms

Mary Ellen Music Alone

Mary Ellen Kumikomo

Mary Ellen Kaiwa

Mary Ellen Duncan Alleluia

Mary Ellen Can You Dig It

Mary Ellen By the Light of the Moon

Lyle Be Kind

Liv Tall Trees

Kathryn Spider Woman

Jude Yo Soy Amor

Jen Under the Full Moonlight

Gayan Shakur Hayy

Gayan Saraswati

Emily Shambo Shivaya

Dezarae Little Red Wagon

Dennis Om Namo

Chris Supercalifragilistic…

Caleb Phenomenon

Brian Rowing Zikr

Andi Standing so Free

Alan My Roots Go Down

Timothy and Mary Ellen Maha belulu

Tania Gayatri

Tania Birthday song

Taliesin One in the Melody

Taliesin Blessed Be

Stephanie Mother Mary

Soma Setokonau

Soma and Stephanie Birthday song

Shiloh Birthday song

Sheya Alhamdulillah

      Mary Ellen Henay Matov
      Sharon When You Were Born